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What is a hybrid publisher?

We help independent authors get their manuscripts ready for publication. We allow authors to maintain all rights and ownership to their work. We encourage our authors to publish wherever they feel their book will find an audience. We charge a set fee for services rendered with clear guidelines and boundaries. Once we have finished our work on your manuscript, it will be ready to publish. We have no further claim to your work other than to cheer you on and wish you every success.

Services are available à la carte or as a package.

  • Developmental Editing
  • Content Review
  • Law Enforcement Scene Review
  • Copy Editing
  • Line Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Cover Design
  • Book Layout
  • Custom chapter and scene break layout
  • eBook and paperback file formatting
  • Illustrations
  • Provide self-publishing instruction and assistance
  • Follow industry pricing guidelines
  • Assign our ISBN to your book
  • Demand rights to your work
  • Publish your work
  • Hold any ownership of your work
  • Claim your titles
  • Force any exclusivity contracts
  • Set pricing
  • Marketing
  • Accept royalties
  • Put our logo or mark on your title (We do ask for an acknowledgment in your book as a courtesy)



This is your chance to inspire us with your manuscript. We want to get to know you, your project and your vision. We might ask for a small sample of your work to edit; that way, you can be confident that we are a good fit for you. Once we agree on the details of the project, we will send over a contract and get right to work.


Once you send over your manuscript, you can schedule that holiday and enjoy a break. Based on the editing work you request, we will pore over your manuscript and make our edits. The scope of our edits will depend on which service you request. We believe in being thorough, so we go through each manuscript at least 3 times.

By the agreed deadline, we will have your edited manuscript back to you for review. This is your opportunity to accept or reject our suggestions. Based on that review, we will help you complete any necessary revisions. As we collaborate together, we will help you transform your drafts into a beautiful, polished product.


Once we finish editing, we will conduct a final review to make sure you are getting the best result possible. We will then send you an invoice and wish you well as you move on to querying or publishing your manuscript. We will be more than happy to promote and share your manuscript once it has been published!